Triceratops Love Song

Written by Hannah Merrill | DIRECTED BY KARL DIVOKY

November 22-25, 2019

Photography by Will Putnam

Sharp-witted, irreverent, and brokenhearted from her best friend’s recent death, Ellie comes home from the funeral to find her estranged younger brother Noah—an aspiring geologist—on her doorstep, unwilling to even say why he’s there. Hoping to prove that he should trust her, Ellie begins to recount her relationship with the best friend she just lost—Calvin, an idealistic lawyer who enjoyed playing with plastic dinosaurs. By accepting even the strangest of Ellie’s flaws, and thoroughly believing in her potential for goodness, Calvin gave Ellie increasing courage to speak about what haunted her, but now that he’s gone she’s unsure what to do.

As Ellie tries to deal with her grief and Noah’s demons become increasingly difficult to ignore, they grow to realize how much they need each other. But Noah continues refusing to confront their shared trauma, and it’s up to Ellie to use her new courage to bridge the gap and prove that a hellish past doesn’t have to define the future.


  • Dara Lillis – Calvin
  • Marlena McHenry – Ellie
  • Jason Rhee – Noah


  • Grace Creelman – Set Designer, Costume Designer
  • Miriam Creelman – Light Designer
  • Karl Divoky – Director
  • Hannah Preisinger – Sound Designer
  • Jaime Shure – Stage Manager