What is SIT?

Shakespeare in Ten (or SIT, or Shakes in Ten) is an annual program held during the summer months in which a cohort of intrepid theatrical practitioners come together for two crazy weeks to produce a Shakespearean play. There’s no fee, no prerequisite experience, and a no-cut policy – if you love theater, love making new friends, and can commit to a rigorous and rewarding evening rehearsal process, come and join us!

The core idea of SIT is to gather together artists who are passionate about theater and challenge ourselves to create a meaningful production of a Shakespearean work, to be performed for an audience after only ten days of rehearsal (plus one very busy “halftime weekend”). The content is challenging, the schedule is merciless, and we have the time of our lives. Participating in SIT is a glorious chance to challenge your artistic abilities among like­minded adventurers, have fun, and celebrate the craft of theater while working to deliver a quality end product to the wider public.

SIT was founded by Hannah Preisinger, whose personal love of co­-creating theater with other artists, as well as a special affection for the works of the Bard, gave rise to the concept in the summer of 2015.