Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

Written by Bert V. Royal | DIRECTED BY Calen P. Winn

Teenagehood is a rough time for anyone, but when you lose your best friend too, nothing makes sense anymore. When CB’s dog dies, he goes on a quest of self-discovery fueled by existential angst. Along the way, his friends and family reveal the cracks in their veneers and things get messy in ways only possible for teenagers. Friendships are broken, trust betrayed, and in the end everyone grows up a little.

Content Warning: this play deals with substance abuse, parental abuse, and suicide. Contact Somniterum with any inquiries.


  • Matt Bergonzine – Van
  • Krista Cassidy – Tricia
  • Hannah Coleman – CB’s Sister
  • Matthew Fisher – Matt
  • Dominick Garatino – Beethoven
  • Sara Glauser – Marcy
  • Abner Marcelo – CB
  • Kelly Ufford – Van’s Sister


  • Karl Divoky – Fight Director, Props
  • Omar Faust – Stage Manager
  • Nat Kent – Costume Designer
  • Hannah Preisinger – Sound Designer, Set Designer
  • Patrick Wilson – Light Designer
  • Calen P. Winn – Director
  • Helen Zhang – Costumer