Written by Keith Aisner | DIRECTED BY Hannah Preisinger

APRIL 17-20, 2020

Gary is an enthusiastic student of lucid dreaming, a phenomenon in which a dreamer can control their own dreams. Fortunately for Gary, he seems to have a knack for it – his nights are filled with everything from surreal sexual fantasies to philosophical discourse with God and Satan. The bad news is he might have dived a little too deep. Not only is he beginning to prefer the comfort of his sleeping mind to the waking world, but some unexpected guests have begun to intrude on his mental paradise, turning dreams into nightmares (or at least into some really bizarre conversations). As friends and family grow increasingly concerned and the lines between realities grow increasingly hazy, Gary must grapple with his past, his fears, and his own mind — or risk being lost to the dream world forever.

A dark comedy about growth, discovery, and plumbing the depths of the human psyche, Asylum is alternately creepy and hilarious, philosophically thoughtful and psychedelically beautiful.

Content Warning: this play deals with themes of mental illness and addictive behaviors. Contact Somniterum with any inquiries.

Audition information coming soon.